Killer Innovations
The award winning Killer Innovations™ Podcast and nationally syndicated talk radio show (on +30 radio stations) is hosted by Phil McKinney, an award winning innovator of technologies and products used by hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. The podcast is Phil's way to "pay-it-forward" by sharing his experience and expertise in innovation so that individuals and organizations can achieve success in the innovation/creative economy. About the Host: Phil retired as the CTO at Hewlett-Packard where he led the product/R&D for the $40B PC, Mobile, Display/TV and Workstation business. He is currently the President and CEO for CableLabs, the non-profit R&D and innovation lab for the global cable industry. Phil shares his rule-breaking approach to innovation and creativity in his book "Beyond The Obvious" and via the podcast. He has been credited with forming and leading multiple teams that FastCompany and BusinessWeek list as one of the “50 Most Innovative”. His recognition includes Vanity Fair naming him the “The Innovation Guru”, MSNBC and Fox Business calling him "The Gadget Guy" and the San Jose Mercury News dubbing him the "chief seer". For more information on Phil visit his blog at
Dateline: Washington D.C. Segment 1: Innovation Success Rate Business Week August 1stlist of innovation success rate Segment 2: Applying Killer Innovations Segment 3: Killer Question of the Week Visit for more information .....
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Dateline: Washington D.C. Segement 1: Collaboration for Innovation - Motivation for collaboration - Criteria for collaboration - Innovation challenge (innovation gap and innovation delay) - Strong ties -vs- weak ties - Vertical networks -vs- horizontal networks - Importance of 'social capital' Segment 2: Weak Signals - Using magazines as a source Visit to see the list of magazines discussed. Segment 3: Killer Question of the Week
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Dateline: Washington D.C. Segment 1: Financial Criteria for Killer Innovations - Provide access to signiicant revenue pools (> $1B USD) - Cash flow positive at $25 to $30M USD - EBITDA positive beyond $50M USD - Consistant gross margin from $100M to +$1B USD Segement 2: Example of applying Killer Questions Segement 3: Killer Question of the Week Visit for more information .....
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Segment 1: Storytelling Segment 2: Weak Signals Segment 3: Killer Question of the week
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